Friday, October 31, 2014

I take the Cake

While i was walking along the highway a woman stopped her car on the roadway to ask what my purpose was. I told her I was walking for diabetes, hoping to get everyone walking to prevent or help control it.
Thanking me, she said she was diabetic and "If only she could walk more..."
I said I was her reminder for the day.
She asked if I had eaten breakfast.
I had.
She offered "some cake". Since cake is a "no-no" for diabetics I said yes, if only to get it out of her hands.
She got out and went to the rear door (while still in the roadway) , and brought me a whole carmel frosted pumpkin walnut loaf-cake.
I told her I would take it so she wouldn't eat it.
I later passed the place where she had bought the delicious dessert. In contrast, the women there brought me apples and water.
A diabetic man, a Diabetes organizer once told me he works all week keeping his diet well and exercising for a piece of cake.
"A piece."
To save her from herself...
I took the cake.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Old Bones

Of all the places to see fossils, Kentucky has it's areas, to see one jutting out of the limestone along a cut away hillside roadway heading into Hodgenville made me take note. The birthplace of Abraham Lincoln has history, but finding a bone washing out of the side of the soft rock, ancient history.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I haven't been around the world but I'm sure this man has. Mr.Clooney. At ninety he is still an active farmer. He lived fifty eight years as a merchant marine and hasn't taken any medications since his twenties. He said whenever he would take a pill he just got worse.
He really does have grip like a sailor!
Hoorah Mr C.!

Sunday, October 26, 2014


I meet a variety of 'folks out on the road. EMTs, police, diabetics, zombies and celebrities.
One who should not have been behind the wheel of a car, smelling of alcohol, pulled of into a field to talk. After he was back on the roadway he stopped to ask my name and how to spell it, as traffic came to a halt...shouldn't drink and drive.
Another stopped his car, left the motor running and the door open encroaching the opposite lane while he walked across the road with traffic bearing down on him...shouldn't ...
I have met two mayors and a few political hopefuls. All women. I am glad to see that. My mother was a public servant in a day where there where few in office... should vote.
I have met people's from around the World visiting Kentucky ...our old Kentucky culture.
I have been invited in for meals, a wake, a haunted building, a Halloween celebration at a Biker bar...couldn't accept all.
I met Arlo relation.
I wonder what today will bring...

Friday, October 24, 2014


Our first day out had challenges and relaxing times. Narrow roads with guardrails gave the occasions to jog or push thru brush along a ridge up a tight bend. There were stretches with pull-off lanes where the play of the wind and angles of the berm were a calming meditation.
The leaves are falling, the insects becoming dormant. The views are getting broad,crisp and brown.
I am glad to be able to share a message while having so much fun.
"Love yourself, walk."

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Chasing Dragons

Two years ago, just before the New Year I left my home, heading South.
I awoke the second day to four inches of snow. By the end of that day the World was beginning to fall apart from the salts on the roadway and Nice ( the dog) had lost three of his four shoes.
The next morning the temperature had dropped, everything was frozen solid. Winter had set in.
My best option was to drive to better weather. We ended up in Pensacola, Florida on New Years Eve.
Amid the fireworks and celebration I sent the ashes of a friend and the last pinch of Mom to the Gulf of Mexico.
We began again with the temperature just above freezing in Florida.
I don't know how far we will travel before I get a phone call and must return home. We are beginning again where we left off that wintery day two years ago in Mount Washington, Kentucky. Time will tell.
Tennessee, take two...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Initiation day

I was atop the mesa overlooking Golden, Coor's Brewery and Denver. On the hill across the Rocky Mountain town was a giant letter M fashioned of white painted stones. The M is for the college in Golden. The stones are whitewashed annually by the incoming freshmen class. The initiates bring a ten pound stone from their hometown to carry up from the campus chanting the school song. At the end of their trek they ceremoniously add their stone to the emblem before a whitewash frenzy that apparently is very messy.
From the Mesa the entire thing looks like a tiny procession of ants trailing up the hillside. The wind occasionally carrying the sound of the song to the flat where we stood. I would not have noticed without the casual conversation of the married couple whom had arrived to watch, from the distant vantage point. Their son was one of the freshmen. They had planned on returning to Minnesota but had decided to take a later flight and have one last hike in Colorado. To the top of the mesa, coincidentally, just in time to (hover) watch their son from the opposite side of the valley.
I recalled this as I say a few blocks away, Iim a parking lot, waiting for my son to call so I could ride him home,. He and his friends came over to where I was. One of them has known him since first grade a. she asked me what I was doing. When I told her I was writing the Mesa observation down.
Her initial reaction was,"That's kinda' creepy." As any young person would think of a hovering parent.
I could relate.
She told my son she could "Totally see your mom doing that..."
I pointed out that I felt guilty of this.
When do we let them go?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

All that Glimmers...

I arose with the sun glimmering off the dew that covered the world. The day began with coffee and a newspaper, then a pleasant stroll into Saint Joseph and Silver Beach on the shore of Lake Michigan.
Though I rose with the rooster crows, many stopped to talk. A woman in her nineties shuffled thru tall grass from her home. She tended her two acres alone and walked the church grounds three times a week. When I asked if I could take a photograph of her she proudly pulled back her hood and said she was an example that you can make it. A younger woman came, she wore an insulin pump. She proudly displayed it when I asked for a photograph. An example that you can make it.
I met the Glimmer family. They did!
I met a lawn mower. He reminded me I had grass to tend when I returned.
I met some boys with big toys. We played in the shade for a moment.
St.Joseph is everything someone would want from a beach town destination. Art, entertainment, boardwalk, carousel, lovely beachfront.
We walked down the hill from downtown to Silver Beach. As beautiful as any sandy beach I have seen by the ocean. I sat at a park bench under a shade tree, breathed in the air and took in the picturesque view.
A woman walked by and asked, "What's you're 'schtick?" I picked up the stick and leash attached to the canvas World and replied,"It's willow."
She said,"Good answer."
Satisfied, she walked on.
I wasn't there long when a girl and her mother arrived. As luck would have it, they lived in the gated condominium high-rise on the beachfront. Therein we stored the World safely away while they gave us a ride back to the water tower in Scottdale. I followed them (with Nice riding with the women) back to the beach where we talked for awhile before loading the World into the van and said our goodbyes.
I stopped on the shaded parkway overlooking the beach and contemplated the journey from Kentucky to the shore of Lake Michigan. After awhile I felt it was time to go. The familiar emptiness of an end to a task. I arose to get in the van and drive away when the glint of light off a brass plate attached to the bench there read, "Tooteloo. It's not goodbye, it's just Tooteloo!"
I took some time to return to Louisville. I stopped to appreciate some people (not all) and things I had rushed by (at one mile per hour) on the way to St.Joseph. A flower bed, a bubbly cashier from India named Kanchan (which means Gold), a shady spot in Riley Park in Delphi. I even helped someone cut tall grass before going home to find the Pink Naked Ladies in bloom and the baby oak tree had sprouted new leaves.
After awhile I will return to the road. Hopefully soon.
For everyday I can be out amongst 'em is a day that makes my heart glimmer.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Our Day in the Sun

What do we live for?
To live long and for happiness.
At what age have we made it?
To love each day as a gift.
When do we cease to strive,
for a perfect day in the Sun?