Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I've turned my World inside out.

With my two hands I pulled and tugged
Reached deep inside and brought it out in the open
In hopes of seeing it's faults that I may fix with care
Can I find them all and bring it together whole
Clean the sand and grit years have covered
Find the glue that will do and not burn through
And make my World whole

Edit two days later.....

I've waited to add more so the Facebook reader will have read and forgotten this, the auto post.
After cleaning the inside of the World, the inner core, and searched for the holes and leaks, I have seen none. A slight bubble around the plug. That is understandable, the plastic of the cork expands and contracts differently from the ball body.
In comparison to my life I've recently taken all my work tools out, took them out in the yard - in the open- and sorted through them. For days I separated and categorized, piled and boxed. After putting the essential tools in one bucket and a carpenters toolbox I was left with two small buckets brimmed with every screwdriver known to man. A large box stuffed with twenty five or more hammers of every type. Tool boxes of wrenches,another of files, one overflowing with drill bits and hole saws, a selection of staple guns, one of chisels, the box of hand planes, one for clamps, and storage tubs of drywall tools, painting tools, concrete and tile trowels, a closet of rakes shovels picks axes wrecking bars and scythes. Then there are the shelves of power tools. I think it prime time to take a scythe to my possessions. These things I have collected for decades. Having an extra hammer is fine, a box full of hammers that may throw my back out is excessive. Whenever I helped someone move or cleaned an old garage I rescued unwanted tools. What holiday has a place for all these things, an island of misfit tools? Maybe I should have stuck with bad poetry.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My first regret still stings.

In those days both radio and television reported his status constantly until the heart wrenching news that he had died from his injuries. He had chased a ball into the street and the path of a car. Earlier, as we stood in line waiting for the first graders to be called into the lunchroom he asked if I would be his best friend. "Next week." I replied,"Dave and I are best friends this week." I have not forgotten that hurt look after forty one years. Horrible me. I accept all friend requests now.
I could have filled that space in his yard and caught that ball...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thanks, Giving, Christmas, and Resolution...

On this night before Christmas I can't help but be thankful for this year, all it has given me. The miles and months walking with my son, the wonderful people we met for a moment or a night, the helpful police and firemen/women as well as those not so helpful ones. The thousand mile trek with it's pain, grace, hardship, sprains, laughter and unequaled joy. The lessons, sights and friends which no amount of nine to five could so enrich my life with.
Too many days have I thought and thought of things to say in thanks only to dismiss them as silly tidbits that have no bearing on diabetes or exercise. What's the worst that could happen? What is the debilitating cost for posting something too weird or honest? Like I eat too much, or I obviously can't write, or I am letting my hair grow after keeping my head shaved ever since 911 even though I told everyone I did it for the Halloween gargoyle costume I wear each year, or 'Whales of August' with Bette Davis was just as touching as Catherine Hepburn in 'Lion in Winter'.
Oh my lord, I might embarrass myself! Not very likely.
I roll an inflatable world around to get people to do something to be active; my threshold is broad.

Merry Christmas to all my family and friends.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nice is "all set" thanks to Muttluks!

Once again the Muttluks company has generously supplied Nice (the dog) with gear. This time they went above and beyond with a winter coat, fleece jogging sweater, rain jacket and fleece lined shoes. Today we walked for hours and he wanted to keep going. Several people stopped their cars to ask about is jogging suit. He is getting more attention from the girls than the law allows, now they want to take his picture because he is so cute, aside from being toasty warm. I can tell he is happy with them by the way he talks to everyone with his bounce and soft "whooh whoogh!"
Thank you so much for your generosity Muttluks !