Thursday, December 8, 2016

From Home to Eternity

On the strange chance this app will stay open long enough to let me post I will attempt an update
I have not been able to use my phone to post here while I have traveled across the nation since the beginning of October. Either I lacked signal when I drove around many National Parks and historic sights or the "app" would simply not properly link with my device. During this extended jaunt from my home in Louisville I also completed a walk over the high plateau in New Mexico from The Pecos to The Rio Grande River in Albuquerque. Then I drove back across the South revisiting thousands of miles that I had walked through the years before returning briefly for Thanksgiving celebrations in Louisville. I then traveled to Northern Florida and began from the west side of Tallahassee heading east through the city. On the second evening I received a call telling me of the passing of my dear friend Dennis Allen.
 Dennis and I met in our teenage years and kept a close friendship over the years despite his living sometimes in Kentucky and much of his life in Florida. We traveled together hitchhiking to California in our twenties, worked with one another at times professionally. From his home in Florida I have begun two walks rolling the World ball to promote diabetes awareness. Few people in life have I known to be as good and true a friend, Dennis Wayne Allen.
All that said I am now in South Florida with his family to see him off and celebrate his life.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Posting problems

This app keeps kicking me out to my home screen. Posting on facebook.
In Tallahassee now after walking to Albuquerque then driving home for the holiday.