Monday, March 30, 2009

Why am I walking?

Today after work I got out the World, put on my pack and saddled Nice(the dog) for a little practice hike. My son came along to my surprize.It felt good to have him along.Almost eleven years ago is when I first took it out on the road and I went with my son who was then just seven. We went for the fun of it ..Aside from the purpose that has sprouted from our first walk to the park so many years ago,I walk for the fun of it. Smiles, laughter, and fun.
In a month I will begin my journey for diabetes awareness.My purpose.Why am I walking? Because maybe someone along the way will be inspired to take care of themself so they can be around for their offspring. I love my mother and would much rather she be alive today than be walking hundreds of miles in her memory.
Why am I walking.

Monday, March 23, 2009

forth day of Spring

No blisters from yesterday.
Worked outside today and came home late. No practice walking, instead I spent time with my son. I will miss him.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Getting ready...

This morning we left the house with full gear and walked to the Second St. Bridge then through the river front down River road and home again via Frankfort and Payne St to Bardstown Rd.. We walked and talked for five and a half hours. I am breaking in my second pair of shoes. I may have a blister or two from the way my feet feel. The back pack is filled with everything I will need (almost), save for food and water. Nice carried his food and a quart of water, and hung in there like a champ. When we went to Pitt. He was a pup and I ended up carrying his most of the way. I'm glad he has grown up.
Thanks to the folks that gave us encouragement today. It gives me hope that we can do better than the last trip. This time I will not have a P.O. Box, which bore little fruit (embarrassingly little) and will be mailing anything I take in to my local ADA directly. I'm sure we can do better this way, rather than asking people send donations in a instead of me taking it on the road. Nice is quite the protector now that he is an adult so we should have no problems.
The pain from our first practice is beginning to set in so this is all I will say today. Thanks again!
Erik Bendl 502-408-5772
You can see my pics as I walk and get ready to walk on MySpace or Facebook in my name.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Second day of Spring

Today after doing some chores around the house I got out the WG motel (my tent) and set it up in the backyard. It had a lttle bottle of seam sealer to treat the stitching and today has been a beautiful day for it. Nice (my dog- mascot-walking buddy) has camped out in front of it all day. I have been reading a good book while listening to NPR. Soon I am taking my son to some friends to play some music.I am enjoying the warm weather.Even though sixty degrees may not seem that warm, the house is cool at night and has been cold all winter.
The day before yesterday we walked with our packs and the newly repaired world around the neighborhood. We did'nt carry any food or water but we had most of the things we will take with us otherwise. It was'nt bad and I can tell my back is in much better shape than the walk in '07.Nerve damage from the back injury has left me arthritic in my lower back but still it is much improved and I am confident I can carry the burden.
Tomorrow we will take another little stroll around.Time to begin the build up for Mays' Step Off!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Painting the world

Today we walked a bit with the newly repaired world. The new bindings are sweet! For years I've been slowly tearing the hole where the earths' core goes. We replaced the panel with the strapping and used a better design that will hold up better to weather and the abuse I put it thru when I roll it into and out of harms way along the roads.hours of painting and now the world is looking good. Much more to go over before I step off in May. Knowing this repair has been done gives me confidence it can endure the long road west.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gearing up for a walk

The Winter is almost gone. I have been saving and getting things for the walk all year. Working on getting bills paid so I can go with good results. I have decided to take some painting tools with me in case there may be some work along the way. Or perhaps some little old lady needs her door painted. I do so enjoy making older women smile. I intend to enjoy my spring and summer walking as far as I can accross the country without agreat emphasis on how far or when I need to arrive. I will do my best to help raise awareness for diabetes managment and prevention. To encourage people and organizations to contribute to diabetes charities however they can . And as I have said before - to get as many to commit to their families and themselves to work on being healthy through diet exersize and good sleep so they can live a long time for their relatives and friends.
I know nobody may read this and that is ok.I have repaired the earthball, and since my last walk have rebuilt myself, my life. These walks do good, make some people think, bring smiles to others and is good for me. I have worked all my adult life as a carpenter and a painter and have gotten the most joy in helping others for nothing. I don't expect anything from this but the joy in doing something that may help others. I hope it will.