Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Second Attempt

Three years ago I attempted to walk from Lubbock to Albuquerque. I pinched a nerve and had to go back home.
Now I am back, taking up where I left off.
 I was about twenty miles East of Fort Sumner on Friday when I started at about four in the afternoon. I walked about four miles, then walked back to bring the van forward. This is a new twist, walking back after a short distance, rather than walking all day with the faith that I will somehow get a ride. When it gets dark, I will start walking back if I haven't found help.. This worked out fine for Nice (the dog), he liked the change in routine.
Saturday morning we walked the remaining two and a half miles into Tiban. The only commerce going on there anymore is in the Post Office. The church, a hollow shell,on the edge of town where the road was widened and sidewalks laid down from the post recession stimulus. An attempt to uplift the town, but it was not enough to save Tiban. The woman at the Post Office watched the world while I returned for the van. After that I was able to get a few rides so at the end of the day I did not have to walk back for the van. Even at the end of the day, as I was about to start back, I sat down to change my socks and a nice family picked us up.  Today, Sunday, I met Tom, in his ranger convertible, who gave me a ride once I made my way into Fort Sumner. I am staying at the RV Park next door to The Billy the Kid Museum so I could have some electricity and water. I took some time to repaint the world before the long miles ahead without a town for a great distance.  I hope I will not have to walk the distance twice. It may have to be. The nights get cold and I'd rather keep the purple van, filled with blankets and dog food, within a couple of hours walking distance.
I am having trouble getting the app to let me log onto this blog, for now updates will be mostly on my facebook.
 Erik Bendl, Louisville, Kentucky.
When I need help I will ask on facebook.
This is, if I have a signal.