Wednesday, August 6, 2014

All that Glimmers...

I arose with the sun glimmering off the dew that covered the world. The day began with coffee and a newspaper, then a pleasant stroll into Saint Joseph and Silver Beach on the shore of Lake Michigan.
Though I rose with the rooster crows, many stopped to talk. A woman in her nineties shuffled thru tall grass from her home. She tended her two acres alone and walked the church grounds three times a week. When I asked if I could take a photograph of her she proudly pulled back her hood and said she was an example that you can make it. A younger woman came, she wore an insulin pump. She proudly displayed it when I asked for a photograph. An example that you can make it.
I met the Glimmer family. They did!
I met a lawn mower. He reminded me I had grass to tend when I returned.
I met some boys with big toys. We played in the shade for a moment.
St.Joseph is everything someone would want from a beach town destination. Art, entertainment, boardwalk, carousel, lovely beachfront.
We walked down the hill from downtown to Silver Beach. As beautiful as any sandy beach I have seen by the ocean. I sat at a park bench under a shade tree, breathed in the air and took in the picturesque view.
A woman walked by and asked, "What's you're 'schtick?" I picked up the stick and leash attached to the canvas World and replied,"It's willow."
She said,"Good answer."
Satisfied, she walked on.
I wasn't there long when a girl and her mother arrived. As luck would have it, they lived in the gated condominium high-rise on the beachfront. Therein we stored the World safely away while they gave us a ride back to the water tower in Scottdale. I followed them (with Nice riding with the women) back to the beach where we talked for awhile before loading the World into the van and said our goodbyes.
I stopped on the shaded parkway overlooking the beach and contemplated the journey from Kentucky to the shore of Lake Michigan. After awhile I felt it was time to go. The familiar emptiness of an end to a task. I arose to get in the van and drive away when the glint of light off a brass plate attached to the bench there read, "Tooteloo. It's not goodbye, it's just Tooteloo!"
I took some time to return to Louisville. I stopped to appreciate some people (not all) and things I had rushed by (at one mile per hour) on the way to St.Joseph. A flower bed, a bubbly cashier from India named Kanchan (which means Gold), a shady spot in Riley Park in Delphi. I even helped someone cut tall grass before going home to find the Pink Naked Ladies in bloom and the baby oak tree had sprouted new leaves.
After awhile I will return to the road. Hopefully soon.
For everyday I can be out amongst 'em is a day that makes my heart glimmer.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Our Day in the Sun

What do we live for?
To live long and for happiness.
At what age have we made it?
To love each day as a gift.
When do we cease to strive,
for a perfect day in the Sun?