Monday, August 25, 2008

Picture courtesy Mr. Nathan Mann

I/we had a wonderful weekend where we walked and frolicked as well as glued the fabric of the world back together. We walked along Bardstown Road and through the park. As soon as i get some bills paid I need to get a new pair of Vasque shoes I'm sure I have walked seven hundred miles in these and my feet ache as they are badly worn. So send some cheese for my wine. (joke) 1616 Rosewood Ave Lou. KY 40204 or just text me a contact number for a corporate sponsor . LOL ( 502 )408- 5772 See you on the road. Setting a date for the Monday after Derby barring any holdups.All the best, Wg aka Erik

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Full moon for worldguy

I know I said I intended to blog daily and life has gotten in the way. I have been working on my house,at my job and walking quite a bit too. Tonight the moon is full and Nice was bouncy . We walked for a few hours. Tomorrow we will be working at home and helping a friend in need. I have been making progress in prepping for the walk and met a woman who's husband will plot my walk through Southern Indiana. Every little bit counts. Not much else to sat today so have a happy full moon. Ta TA For Now, Erik

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Ok, for any one who does not know my plan is to launch another walk next spring westward through St.Louis and Kansas City. Then I'm thinking then I will go North a bit. I am Still planning and getting support. Ideas are welcome for I am learning about this fund raising and sponsorship networking as I go. The best things have come while i walk with my world and Nice the dog around town. All I know to do is keep talking and sharing my cause as I go. It has worked so far and I need help. So , again, any suggestions are welcome . Please E ,mail me
or better yet call worldguy at (502) 408 5772

Today as I was walking I met a man who owns an awning company and he said he would love to make a new canvas skin for my aged world. (it is over thirty years old by my est. ) He said he has a roll of the same material and as long as he can inlay his company name in the canvas he will do it. Like I said the best things so far have been from getting out and walking the world. A rolling metaphor.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

People we meet

Last night Nice and I went walking. As I was getting ready to leave he was vocalizing the importance that we MUST go NOW! He doesn't talk much at home. Usually Nice stops to get loving from women at the roadside tables set outside the bars and restaurants we pass. Nice seemed on a mission, he pushed forward disregarding the outstretched hands and the "awe, pretty dog" comments that usually draw him in.Then he walked right up to a man and woman sitting at an eatery we had stopped at before. We struck up a conversation and when they found put Nice was the dog who walked to pennsylvania last year they invited me to sit and eat with turned out the man was with the U.S.Dept.of Peace and after some open Q.&A. he invited me to a Peace function later in the year to help in my networking process. Gotta' love the good sense of a Nice dog.