Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Differerent Dawn

 Once in lifetime, they say, you may be able to travel to the path of a solar eclipse.
When I am older I'd like to remember getting there.
I'm walking to the path where the moon covers the the sun... for two minutes.

 The first people to stop and talk with me after I rolled past the mailbox at the end of the driveway were two sheriffs who seemed inordinarily happy that I was walking for diabetes awareness; spreading my little message to take care of yourself, walk to help control-prevent-manage it. One quickly got out asking to have our picture taken by his partner. He just as quickly stiffened and labored to the little ditch with running water, a foot or so across. As he sidestepped down the berm he told me he had just returned to duty from bypass surgery on both legs from his diabetes. Apparently I was a reminder he took to heart (perhaps only for two minutes) enough to move the parts he wanted to keep. He shook my hand and called me an angel...Leaning more comfortably with "idiot", I was encouraged that this journey will have more memories than two minutes of darkness and a new dawn in the middle of the afternoon.
As my friends' Grandmother always said,  "Self praise is half scandal."
I'm heading to the path where the moon eclipses the sun around Hopkinsville, Kentucky.
I hope to prevent the ravages of diabetes, and for me, walking has helped.
I update pictures and comments on Facebook, Erik Bendl from Louisville, Kentucky.