Monday, November 30, 2020

Mary's New Hat

This old hat has seen the nation.
Dry and rain-soaked, it's seen it all.
To hear it's tale, study it's fashion.
It's feather, band, chinstraps ribbon , and faded brim. 
The fingered hole, dirty crease, missing liner and all.
The greatest gift, is of the stuff I never thought I'd share with another; the love I've locked away.
Every old hat has once been a new hat.
Let us start anew, begin again...
In the darkness, what do I find?
Strength of character, is that just a line?
Pushing hard meets only resistance. 
Gently shouldering, stepping softly,
helping the world move ahead.
It helps me in kind.

Meaning more, saying less.
What life gives me is just a test.
A stumble, a fall bears so much more
than none at all.
I walk the darkness with calm,
and find the light that is always there.