Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Ok, for any one who does not know my plan is to launch another walk next spring westward through St.Louis and Kansas City. Then I'm thinking then I will go North a bit. I am Still planning and getting support. Ideas are welcome for I am learning about this fund raising and sponsorship networking as I go. The best things have come while i walk with my world and Nice the dog around town. All I know to do is keep talking and sharing my cause as I go. It has worked so far and I need help. So , again, any suggestions are welcome . Please E ,mail me
or better yet call worldguy at (502) 408 5772

Today as I was walking I met a man who owns an awning company and he said he would love to make a new canvas skin for my aged world. (it is over thirty years old by my est. ) He said he has a roll of the same material and as long as he can inlay his company name in the canvas he will do it. Like I said the best things so far have been from getting out and walking the world. A rolling metaphor.

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Future Amber Thomas said...

I saw you yesterday at Number One (where you and your big old pup were having dinner).
I'm happy I did or I would have never found this blog.
I volunteer at a kids art camp and it would be awesome if you came.
Let me know if you have time.
Keep rolling.