Thursday, September 25, 2008

Life is on fire!

Don't think we have been neglecting to check in
which you could say as I begin.
I have lost my home access to a working computer
aged and slow has now become null and void
From the library I am writing this... flow of thought.

I have been enjoying good reading, friendly company, satisfying work and life as we know it.
I'm working still on my goal to leave in mid-spring. Getting my house in order.
Fixing holes and roofs and keeping the yard tidy.
The God I love has given me as much as I can handle and I enjoy all the turns and twists. Recently I divorced from my marriage of many years and had left oh so many things at the old house. My Ex-wife and I have been talking of clearing the house of all the clutter from our long time of collecting, now that my new place is becoming more clear to accept the load.
Tools and memories from a life of ferreting.
The other night I get a frantic call from my ex-(Queen) who let me know firstly she was not joking and secondly SHE CAUGHT THE HOUSE ON FIRE!
Thank you for the opportunity and gift of making sure I burn , mend , and clean up my bridges before my next journey! Now I get to clear out the house and garage (what is left) and in many ways I think it will be better this way. To be forced to face the mess I left behind without any further lingering..
Have a fabulous time! I'm off to and up to the task!

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