Sunday, October 25, 2009

Building a Foundation and Finding Inspirations

With every day comes the challenge to do more with Worldguy. Some days just walking to keep fit is all that seems to happen on the outside.On the inside I think of where I may go next and how I might be of more use to the cause of diabetes in my own little way.

When I am out with the World on the road in my city I am asked my purpose. After over ten years it is interesting to me that there are always new people to tell my tale. Walking across the mid-west then struggling to ascend Pike's Peak for diabetes awareness is impressive. Walking from Kentucky to Pennsylvania two years ago --and the first trip in the last century of 160 miles to promote the ADA's awareness week-- show I am dedicated to the cause that took my mother as well as many friends and family over the years. I could keep keep walking for years encouraging fitness and better diet to control and prevent diabetes, constantly finding new people to share the message with as evidenced by my walking here in Louisville for years. I can walk across the country until I am old, broken down, and more grey. Doing this alone I could be happy to have made some impact.

Or, I can do more by building on that and create a WorldGuy Foundation, take the time necessary to make it a non-profit, and do more than get on a mailing list as a result of the donations we have made. Enter the WorldGuy Foundation. With the help of my family and friends this is what I have begun. The process takes time, but I believe we can do more for diabetes awareness by taking this step.

Now I feel more inspired to do more... to learn how to get sponsorships, to ask for help, to make World Guy more than a man spreading a message by walking on the highway getting his message out with local news coverage or a CNN spot filmed fr0m the air. I can add to that with help and inspiration from others to give to the cause of diabetes in more ways. A world of possibilities.

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Cathy said...

Hi Erik,

Please let me know of anything I can do for your cause.
I'm real good at being a right hand (woman). LOL

I'm a good speaker, (PR).

And hey, I love to paint! LOL....there's still a hint of blue ocean on my sidewalk & a little spray of green land on my shoes.

Just say the word.

Love ~ cathy <--Dewey's mom