Saturday, September 4, 2010

You don't say...

When sitting among the firefighters of Staten Island Rescue#5, drinking coffee, sitting around the circle of old chairs obviously brought from the men's homes I was discussing the options to get into New York City. When I walked in the station I showed the man in the office a picture from a newspaper with the dog, the World and myself walking along a roadway in New Jersey. It was shift change by the time I had settled down in one of the well worn chairs with the men, told them I was walking for diabetes awareness with Nice(the dog) and the World they were all supportive, they suggested I drive the van over to the city and go from there. I had the notion I could just take the ferry over without driving and having to deal with parking a vehicle in New York City. I didn't realize the firefighters who surrounded me were unaware I had a giant World ball, they had not seen the newspaper clipping; they thought it was my dog and I. It was then I found out you DO NOT say the words "blow up the world" anywhere close to New York City, especially while sitting in a firehouse amongst the first responders from 9-11. I couldn't get the clipping out fast enough, that was a very tense moment.
I now say "inflate".

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