Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Whole World and the Paddle

If you had the whole world to take with you, what would you bring?
A collection of patchwork and paint? A brush or two? In a world where traveling light can save a life, how much water, how much food? Plenty of socks and a spare shoe selection? And what would you keep in memory? Your borough of rocks, books and music boxes? I'll take the feathers. Should you find yourself over full with plenty, what worldly goods are worthy to sit in another's window box? I had one, until today when I gave it away; the window, that is. A small portion of pots and an ax, along with needle & thread may make it's way into your wagon on your journey. Left with the choice of a wagon filled, would you take a paddle in such a case you where find yourself up a creek? I have the paddle, brand named Feather. And should you find yourself walking away from the wagon. Ax, feather, or paddle? The lightest burden, memory of a gift given in return for a smile.

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