Wednesday, June 22, 2011


My door has been open since I lost the keys. All the miles I have walked and the many States I have traveled in and I dropped them in the grass somewhere in Kansas while walking around the block. Sure, it was a three mile block and getting a new key for the van was costly but the key to the house has remained gone.
The house was closed to even sunlight for a long, long time so I have left all the doors and windows wide. All of my things are packed into the van. I washed the blankets for the last nights' sleep on my bed. The nice folks who are buying the house have told me over and over not to worry over leaving the last few things when I go for which I am grateful. I was talking to a friend on the phone and at the end of the call she sincerely said, "Congratulations for your homelessness." I feel good about it too. After I spend a few days doing maintenance on the van I will continue our walk for diabetes awareness in the lower forty eight. though it took all of Spring to prepare I have accomplished much. Grateful to be able to give things to friends they can use while having family to keep my tools and boxes of family photos etc so I may walk and have a home at four close friends who have offered whenever it may be. I feel I am loved, and I love them all.
Thursday at four I will meet with the owners and settle this chapter, lesaving this house for my new home, the World Wide Open.

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