Saturday, November 2, 2013

Out of Lubbock

They say, in Lubbock, it's six hours from anywhere (in a car). From the heart of town, by the Buddy Holly Memorial, it took me six hours to walk to the city limits and the KOA campground. On the way I was interviewed by a local tv news photographer. He had been told I was on the road by a friend. She and I talked while we waited for him to arrive, she had recently been diagnosed with diabetes after suffering from a stroke. She said that she loved her rich foods and sweets, that changing habits was hard. It seemed having a stroke was not enough to convince her how important eating healthy and getting active can be. Her friend, the photographer, confided that she was stubborn. Depending on medications can't replace good diet and exercise.
A man stopped to talk. He said he had spent years searching for the "truth" about being healthy. He had come to a conclusion, after spending thousands of dollars on contraptions and books, that nothing other than healthy diet and daily activity is the key. He said he was not a vegetarian but ate very little meat. He was older than all the men he worked with and had more energy and endurance than his coworkers who loaded up on fast food and cola. Maybe if I talk to enough men like him I can convince myself to go vegan...
Have a wonderful day. Take a walk. Eat something green. Feed that burger to your dog. Then honestly compare to yesterday when you sat on the couch eating barbecue and drinking "the dew" then begrudged walking to the mailbox at the end of your driveway.
A rolling stone gathers no moss.

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