Monday, July 28, 2008

Making a list of supplies

First things first, I need a back pack. The one I used on my walk last summer held up pretty well but it has a couple tears and after six weeks of taking it on and off I don't think it will hold up for another trip. This past weekend I went to a weekend long Concert and environmental festival at our riverfront where I met a man from JanSport who said he would send me one when my plans got underway. Thank you in advance Jason and JanSport.
I have a good rain jacket my boss gave me. He has been researching raincoats for years he says and this one has met his criteria for breath-ability and comfort and from my experience last summer a good rain jacket makes the difference between pleasant rain walking and sweaty misery.
Shoes are essential also and the Vasque shoes i wore last year are fabulous. I have walked at least 600 miles on this pair and just bought an intermediate pair of another brand that are no comparison. My feet are hurting and have blisters from just about twenty miles of walking. I will get Vasque certainly. All my walking and they never caused a blister, have great support and comfort.
I will add to this list as I go on with my planning. I wanted to begin somewhere and intend to write something every day. Remember I am learning as I go so suggestions and help are welcome. At this point I am talking to myself.... Still learning.

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