Thursday, July 31, 2008

more things

I have been thinking, and mulling, and thinking.
I really don't like taking things too serious.
It may cause me to loose my hair.
There are things that are important to me,
like family, friends and pets.
Being true to myself, truthful to others.
When I write like this, in this short line form.
I am rambling. Sort of free flow thought.
If anyone who may read this thinks me odd.
I am in good company.
My parents were unique, both in their own way.
Neither were happy unless they could be themselves.
None of us are.
I am hoping i am at the halfway point in life.
That would put me at 92 when I pass on.
I have Aunts that lasted that long.
And this Adventure I am about to take on
is both fun and thought provoking.
When I walked last summer
the greatest gift was when someone would come to me
and tell me they were going to get a health checkup.
Not for them but for their family.
To be healthy for their kin.
More than once someone would point to the backseat
where their children were, or their grandchildren.
That made every step worth it
Any sacrifice no sacrifice at all.

Ten years ago I walked to Lexington Kentucky and back
From Louisville Kentucky .
The next year I was to go to Cincinnati
That fell through, and my life was empty in a way because I had said I would do this thing
that I knew was good. And let it go.
Last year I went through Cincinnati on my way to Pennsylvania
and now I see it filled that empty space.
Honored my word to myself.

Next year i am headed West,
to honor my word to myself again.
To honor my mothers memory,
Your mothers memory, or another loved one.
And if Someone comes to me and commits to make a change
so they can be alive in their families world,
There can be no greater gift.

I got on here to blog today
to make a list of things I need on the next walk.
This rambling free flow is what I got.
I guess that is what I needed to list.

Some suggestions on a route to St. Louis would be good too.

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