Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday morning quiet time.

Only the dogs, birds, and chickens up the alley are vocal this morning. I am waiting for the neighbours to do the same. Their sleepy Sunday is about to get loud.

I have torn off a section of my roof, long ago rotten. No amount of patching has kept the rains from seeping in. In years past someone built a roof over the almost flat section. So many layers of patch and tar can not keep the water from coming through. An hour after a storm, the water comes dripping. Since I came to live here I have saved wood for this project. A new design, a new look for this old neglected house. Forty years is long enough, and I have uncovered a monster of damp rotten wood.

Like the mountain in Colorado, what was I thinking? Too much thinking, it's time for action.

This has nothing to do with diabetes. Neglecting a house for years is no comparison to a body.

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Cathy said...

Dearest Erik,

I think you're on to something with repairing your roof.

At least you've been collecting wood that you need now.

Keep thinking positive thoughts & 'get-er done.' LOL

I'm sorry but I had to say that.

Love ~ cathy....Dewey's mom