Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Something Changed

Something has changed about me after walking this spring and summer. There is an obvious and permanent difference in that I had my fingertip removed in an instant attempting to break up a dog fight. Other things, not as evident at first glance, are becoming clear to me as I get more settled back in my life a home. Working on my jobs has been stress free. I notice that I am less excitable and at ease with the everyday situations that before may have tested my patience. I can sleep more than when I was on the road and there is no need to preen daily for ticks and crawly things. The 500 mile walk this summer achieved, like a sheet in a breeze, I have an empty space where enthusiasm and purpose have reigned for two years. I have begun preparing the foundation for the future walks. That direction of purpose I have held so long is now replaced with laying the groundwork to success for World Guy's next endeavour. I have to step up and do better, grow up, reinvent myself, and walk out of the comfortable box of simply walking and letting things happen along the way. Proper preparation and promotion should make the next goal even more successful. That is more scary than a mountain, thunderstorm, or oncoming traffic.


Unknown said...

Globe dude you sound as if you have had a cleansing of the body , soul and mind...maybe when you left on your most recent journey you departed with bothersome things tagging along. As you logged each new mile on your journey those troubles were replaced by your awareness that you have purpose in your life. You walk to raise awareness about diabetes a disease that destroys life's without prejudice. You are helping people that aren't even aware of your journey , unaware of your blistered feet , tick infestations , jock itch and many other hardships you encounter on your mission. So you keep rolling that giant globe and planning those walks...shine on you crazy diamond.

Cathy said...

DITTO to what Jeff said.

Even if you weren't out there raising awareness about diabetes, you're a very special guy.

I found you to be a breath of fresh air.