Friday, April 15, 2011

the flier...

While clearing the stacks of newspapers from the bed that she had placed there one day at a time for years it slipped out and fell on the floor. It was an advertisement leaflet, one of those that come in an envelope filled with dozens of local business ads. I had been bagging the newspapers for hours, for days really, had been careful to make sure there was no hidden treasures and had found nothing but years of newsprint. It was as if this flier jumped out from the stack as I was placing it in the bag. All around the edge of this coupon was handwriting. The back of the paper was filled with words by the same hand,"J.B."...

"Up down all around
in a circle we go
In out run about
Jump and shout
Having fun you know
Here there everywhere
Smiling faces you see
Having fun in the sun
Chasing each other with glee
Out to the country
Then back to town
All the sights to see
Here there everywhere
Dashing to and fro
Back and forth
East North South West
Here there everywhere
All none some one
Cold warm cool hot
See the flowers
After April showers
Plant a seed feed and weed
Watch the flower grow
Play work
Walk run skip to
Nest Home abode den nest

Wholesome fun books or The Fun Books"

"Who am I?" Fall 2001, J.B.
A person a proper noun I me
client customer patient (Dr's)
resident occupant citizen
subscriber pupil teacher a genre
child (of parents) sibling cousin
parent worker viewer buyer
seller sometimes sad sack sometimes
clown rider passenger driver
biker stroller swimmer participant
fan she or he or him male or
female this one

I am all these yet I am the one and only me

worker helper
owner buyer seller bargainer
thinker talker pupil teacher
parent child sibling cousin
friend aide doer talker listener
sewer sower gardener
consumer reader writer
painter cleaner sweeper mower
trimmer pruner planter picker
grower cultivator builder
player listener viewer
To me I am I or me to others he or she
user loser winner
participant fan viewer user
girl boy man woman child
baby lady or gentleman
owner user buyer seller
client customer patient teller
artist painter maker tinkerer thinker
I am this one he or she."

Fly away flier...

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