Sunday, April 17, 2011

Possesion "haircut"

Thinning out a lifetime of things is proving to be a lengthy task. Every day I have found a home for clothes,books,furniture,trinkets and more. Someone even took the collection of rocks and shells. At the nearby grocery I saw a bicycle parked outside. It's seat was covered with duct tape. It had front and rear baskets filled with clothes and food supplies. I quickly went home and removed the comfortable seat from my old bike and returned to find the owner was a homeless man, he was taken aback by my gift and offered to give me something in return. I needed nothing and wished I could do more for him. This daily "give" sometimes feels like a chore. By days end I feel richer and have less. Still, I have more to part from and have begun to move the possessions that I will keep to their new lodgings. This is taking longer than I thought. With patience I will be back on the road in good time. With less clutter on my mind I am sure.

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