Thursday, July 18, 2013


Luggage, baggage, balls and chains.

Oh, I have a lifetime of all things to carry or shed. A time bomb, a blessing. It's all up to me.
I think of how many collections of things I spent years compiling, organizing, storing and moving. Furniture, family momentous, clothes, books, music, tools, trinkets of sentimental value, piles of useful supplies for projects and art.
As the years passed, the possessions grew.
My homes became larger, as my "needs" did.
I am shackled to all I wish to possess.
One day I began finding homes for my luggage. Each day I would carry an item out and give it away.
I enjoyed more in giving them away, than the hoarding.
I let someone else use or enjoy them.
Though now reduced to several boxes and a world of tools,
my possessions are a ball and chain.

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