Thursday, July 11, 2013

You can too

I was walking Nice (the dog) this morning as the sun burned through the grey clouds. I didn't have my phone to capture the beautiful orange ball amongst the pines. The one that got away.
As we came to the end of our hour long stroll we approached a man walking in the opposite direction. I guided Nice to the lush green Kentucky grass so the man could pass.
We exchanged "good mornings"and he asked if my dog was friendly. By the time I had given his name, Nice was leaning against the man's leg.
The man told me he was glad to meet someone out walking with a "big heart and a smile on their face".
I hadn't noticed that I was smiling, or that my heart was so visible.
I was only walking the dog.
The man's comment got me thinking... Can a smile change the world?
I think that if I can make a positive change, anyone can.

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Anonymous said...

You caused a positive change in my lifestyle...thank you! L&'s:-)