Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Everyone I meet

I was rolling in Mt. Lebanon before sunrise. A man who was out for his morning run asked to hear my story.
He asked me to share his with everyone I meet on my travels. I will stumble through a first-telling now.
A "type one" diabetic. He runs fifteen to twenty one miles everyday. He told me the dates but let me go with... Earlier this year he woke up blind. For thirty two days he was unable to see. Received no help from any of his family or friends during that entire time. "Not one of them lifted a finger to help." On the thirty third day
"For no reason whatsoever..." he could see again.
He wanted me to share that good things can happen without any explanation or reason. Wonderful and glorious things...
Two other thoughts he had to share...
Always leave your family with, "Love you." and your friends with "Good luck."
We exchanged both.
Those are a lot of things to tell everyone I meet for the rest of my life...

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