Thursday, June 26, 2014

Nashville Nights

We spent the day under the shade at a"conservation pull-off". I was resting after my twenty-plus mile day, Nice( the dog) had another day to let his wrist heal. I couldn't sleep so I maintained the world with a touch of blue and green, applied a few patches to the fabric of the world before exhaustion canceled out the heat.
Early the next morning we began from outside Columbus, thru Gnaw Bone along a beautiful wooded region of Indiana.we walked most of the miles in the cool of darkness with an open road and starlight. When we were on the edge of Nashville, across from the covered bridge entering the Brown County Forest, a woman walked to us. It looked to me that Nice thought she had come for him , bounding and prancing as she came closer.
In fact she had, she was an Holistic Veterinarian, she had come to offer help for his ailing paws.
It didn't take much convinced for me to turn off to the old hilly road and walk to her Clinic where she treated Nice with good and holistic energies. I got a shower and we both were invited to rest there. In fact we retuned there a second night after our walk from Nashville to Bloomington. An holistic massage, a solstice gathering, a healthy rest.
Even walking at a mile per hour I still need to be reminded to slow down.

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Unknown said...

May God bless you through your journey and keep everyone and your fur baby safe!