Monday, December 15, 2014

The Tennessee Dragon

All journeys have personal beasts to conquer, or harness to your resolve, helping spur you on to the next mountain or continental divide.
Loosing my Mother to diabetes has certainly been one of those Dragons for me.
My Uncle has been my banner, my inspiration, at 87 he has managed his diabetes for decades. His dedication deserves more recognition than the loss of my Mother at 54.
In walking, I believe I have staved off diabetes in myself, kept this Dragon at bay while alerting others of this beast that ravages far and wide.
In their honor, I have walked thousands of miles and will likely walk thousands more, waving the banner, lamenting the loss, chasing Dragons...


Anonymous said...

Just curious ... looking for a current update. I'm sure weather may play a role in journey. Thank you for all pictures & journal, appreciate them very much!

Unknown said...

Hi I saw you around Louisville today. It's wonderful to see you around these parts again. Like I said to you, I remember seeing you roll the world down the street as a little girl. I really support your mission and I'd like to see if I could volunteer to help spread the word about what you do. I'm a video producer, writer and social media manager. Let me know if I can help.

Heidi S. said...

thank you for coming through Donelson, a suburb of Nashville. What a sight to see! I saw you on Lebanon Road with the globe and I had to slow down in wonder. What an awesome cause! Thank you for all you are doing for awareness. We sure were proud to have you in town.