Saturday, May 9, 2015

It's there for you

After months spent home in Louisville I dropped all my excuses and have returned to the road, going back to Nashville, Tennessee heading East toward Knoxville.
What struck me as I walked all day from downtown along the state highway lined with sidewalks and bike lanes to Mt. Juliet was the lack of any pedestrians or cyclists. Of the five walkers I met two were walking to keep their diabetes balanced. An older man, looking to be in his early eighties, he walks three miles daily and keeps his A1C levels stable; and an Hispanic woman who happily informed me she had walked twenty miles in the last two days and beamed a big smile telling me her cholesterol was lower as well as her blood sugar.
Thousands of autos passed during the three hour rush of the morning, the traffic going to the city was nearly bumper to bumper.
It gave me pause.

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Unknown said...

I drive a bus for a local daycare in mt juliet and we saw u walking yeaterday. The kids thought it was great! We r currently looking for u in lebanon because my 6 yr old wants a pic with u! Its grwat what u r doing. God bless u!!