Sunday, July 5, 2015

Joseph, Mary and Father Dan

A few miles out of Kinderhook we were caught in the rain. We were walking by an old church, Nice (the dog) pulled toward the front entrance with its shelter from the downpour. Sometimes I let him have his way, the dog has a good sense of things.
Once out of the rain I noticed the door was ajar so I entered and called "Hello!", a voice from an office replies in kind.
It was Father Dan, newly assigned to the church whose name had recently been changed from St. Mary to St.Joseph, a young man with the good nature of the priesthood. His warm heart was just right to pump new blood to the newly named old congregation.
He allowed me to stay in the parking area through the rainy night ( in the van ) and even gave me access to the rectory, a shower and the washer and dryer if I needed. After I had arranged a ride I returned, bathed and washed a small load of clothes from the two days since I had last cleaned clothes.
After washing my clothes in Woodstock and making all my clothes smell of old Hippies, I was not surprised when the load I washed at the rectory later smelled of "a man of the cloth".
I appreciated it for what it was, a gift from God.

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