Thursday, July 2, 2015

You Say Goodbye

My oldest friend passed away the day I left home two months past.
Before she parted from the mortal coil, surrounded by family at the hospital, I came to say "hello". Unable to open her eyes she forced a smile at my light-hearted jokes. Her daughters thanked me for coming to "pay my respects". I retorted that I had not come to say goodbye, but rather to say hello to my oldest friend and give her my love.
A devout Jehovah's Witness, she had been telling her loved ones Jehovah was calling her. Aged ninety-five, it was time to go.
Along my journey I have often thought of Mrs.Helena Carter as I pass a Kingdom Hall.
Yesterday I was walking and thinking about my old friend when my eye was attracted to a rainbow-colored folding paper fan lying in the gutter. Raising my gaze, I was standing before a Kingdom Hall. A cool wind rustled through the breezeway of the hall entrance, the shaded bench by the door invited me to sit.
The Walkman radio then chimed The Beatles song, "Hello, goodbye".
Was it a coincidence, my imagination, or was Helena saying "Hello"?


Anonymous said...

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Kellye Cupit said...

That is so beautiful. She's smiling down on you knowing you continue your journey & think of her often. Safe travels.