Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Three weeks ago I was heading back from Colorado. Three months before that I began our little walk from Louisville, KY to Kansas City. As I made my way through the towns and cities I reflected on what we had done. On the folks we met and the places we stopped. I was in awe at the expanses we walked. Dumb struck would be good descriptive for how I felt.

I stopped at a few new friends I had met as I went back home. Many more I wanted to visit but my home was calling and bills were awaiting my attention. The ones I did see made me feel especially welcome.

Since I have been back I have busied myself with work and caught up on sleep. I have had trouble with knowing what to write next on this blog. Whether to give a detailed account of my return trip, To suggest in a polite manner that the 2300 plus people who have joined the cause may give to it also. Or to tell of my mixed feelings about being home again. I have felt like a fish still in the plastic bag getting acclimated to the water before being released.

I needed to write something to get past this quiet stage, this post travelling syndrome doldrums. This post will begin my breaking out of this silent time after the little adventure of '09.
Thanks for the help and encouragement from my many friends. Our GPS...

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Cathy said...

I for one would love to hear everything you're going thru back at home.

I think you should feel free to expound on what's going on with you at home.

You found an awesome job. How do you do that?

Dewey's mom.