Thursday, July 10, 2014

Keeping the World whole in Buck Creek

The man who gave us a ride to the van from one side of Lafayette to the other later called to ask if I could come by in the morning to speak to the residents at St.Anthony, a retirement home. We agreed he would pick me up again in the morning after I had walked to Buck Creek. That way I could get my day of walking, give the elders my attention and avoid walking in the summer afternoon heat .
A hard rain set in as we walked into Buck Creek. With no shelter in sight a downpour ensued when we were in front of the fire station. After lashing the World to the old alarm bell by the flagpole we huddled against a garage door of the station, I covered Nice (the dog) with a plastic garbage bag, got my rain jacket from the backpack that I used as a wall against the storm. The small overhang of the building left us with a few inches of dryness. I crouched over the dog to keep him warm between me, the pack and the metal door until the driving rain subsided and daylight crept over the landscape. When it was late enough I called the man from St.Anthony. He arrived to take is back to the facility in Lafayette after his morning administrative duties. I had deflated the World while it was wet and heavy from the rain. We put the bundled World on a rolling cart to get it into the building, inflated the World in the main hall, towel dried it as well as possible them waited for the residents to assemble before the morning games of BINGO. I told my story to the elderly assembly doing my best to entertain them while encouraging those who are able to keep moving for their loved ones sake, if nothing else. While the residents played BINGO I was able to shower. The staff washed all my blankets and clothes. Then it was lunchtime, the World was too large to roll out of the large room while they were all being fed so the World loomed large by their side while they ate. The staff gave me lunch also. I ate with the administrator and received a tour of the facility. He also got Nice (the dog) a bag of food, he was more than generous an accommodating. He showed us a well shreds spot to rest for the day and even offered a room for the night with a bed and a big screen television. I declined the opportunity to retire for the night inside but was very comfortable parked under the shade tree where I was able to let the World dry out some before I had to transport it back to Buck Creek.
I had to repair the World at BC. I found a space in the gravel behind the fire station and used the day to save the west coast from ripping apart.
Joy happned to be passing back as she was on her way home from a holiday cookout up north. She took Nice again for a night in a hotel while I walked to Delphi
All night I walked and now I must try to rest so I may do it again in couple of hours.
I would like to do better on the blogging but with saving the world and being open to all who come to talk and also maintaining myself makes it a challenge.

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