Friday, July 4, 2014


I began walking after it became light from the crossroad of US-26 & US-231. The day, like many others lately was spent standing static in tall grass as autos passed. No major freak-outs from someone who thinks the ball will suddenly roll up out of the ditch. Only one visit from the local police. A lite rain in the morning and a stiff headwind after the system cleared through.
I met "The weed lady of Fincastle". She had let her land grow wild decades ago to save a place for wildlife. She told me of the decline of wooded lands in the area due to big farming and the sins she erected in protest. I took a picture of her and her weeded yard.

I met a big farmer while resting at the edge of a field of corn next to a well groomed yard around an old brick home. The man walked up to us, the house was not his but the corn was. He wanted a picture of us by the corn and asked if he could move his Decalb sign to get it in also. He offered a ride later if I needed and a place to stop if I wanted at the grain silos before Parkersburg.
I walked past the silos on up to the Parkersburg sign. Across from the sign is a small body shop,Sheets, with an old car I wanted to get a picture of. My phone had drained dead so I stopped to charge it with my auxiliary battery-pack I carry for just an occasion. It wasn't long before mister Sheets himself came over from the house with his grandchildren. He offered for me to stay there for the night and gave me a ride to get the van.
Mr. Sheets had become diabetic a year ago and has lost over a hundred pounds with a good diet program. Nothing out of a can, white grains,etc.
it turns out that I stayed at his wife's cousin's home last year outside of Cincinnati. Small World.
Tomorrow is the forth of July. Boom-pow!


Unknown said...

Keep on going, you can do it.

Unknown said...

I saw you twice today! I wish that I had the time to stop and say hello! I think your journey is so awesome. As a diabetic myself I enjoyed reading about your journey. Hope you have a happy 4th of July!

Kallie Peterman said...

I passed you about 15 minutes ago! I was headed S on 231 and turned around at the McDonald's to make sure I wasn't seeing things.. I hope you continue to have safe travels!!

Anonymous said...

Go World Guy!

Anonymous said...

We saw you on our way to french lick. Awesome!