Friday, July 11, 2014

The life at Riley

I arrived in Delphi as it became light. The day of patching the World together in Buck Creek, then getting a shower and dinner before leaving Nice to be cared for overnight had left me no time for sleep.
I walked through the night and
was giddy from lack of sleep when I made my way to the center of Delphi.
When I am tired I sometimes ramble. This worked well when I received the call from the Country radio station's morning Rj team. The facts on their own were humorous. I had spent the previous day at BuckCreek saving the world patching the west coast. The day before the World rested at the nursing home for BINGO and lunch. My ramblings had the DJs laughing, while I was also mindful of the message. Love yourself, go for a walk.
I tuned in with my Walkman radio and was able to hear the segment repeat a few minutes later. Maybe it was because I was tired but it was, I thought, entertaining and informative.
The Delphi Street Superintendent told me Riley Park would be a good place to spend the day. I tied the World by the town Armory door and after I shuttled the van back from Buck Creek we walked the World down to the park.
I napped off and on throughout the day. I picnicked with watermelon, sharing it with a group of young girls who couldn't stop watching me enjoy. I napped again, awoke to a woman sitting in her car eating lunch I her car, under the shade of the tree in the landscaped parking lot island a few feet away.
Unable to resist she asked what I was doing. Two hours later we knew each others life story and she had agreed to pick us up in the morning when we were finished walking.
A group of people who were training their dogs watched over the World when I went to the grocery to get dinner. Several young men came to talk and my shade tree friend before I slept.
It was a good stay in Riley Park in Delphi.

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