Monday, March 30, 2009

Why am I walking?

Today after work I got out the World, put on my pack and saddled Nice(the dog) for a little practice hike. My son came along to my surprize.It felt good to have him along.Almost eleven years ago is when I first took it out on the road and I went with my son who was then just seven. We went for the fun of it ..Aside from the purpose that has sprouted from our first walk to the park so many years ago,I walk for the fun of it. Smiles, laughter, and fun.
In a month I will begin my journey for diabetes awareness.My purpose.Why am I walking? Because maybe someone along the way will be inspired to take care of themself so they can be around for their offspring. I love my mother and would much rather she be alive today than be walking hundreds of miles in her memory.
Why am I walking.

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