Saturday, March 21, 2009

Second day of Spring

Today after doing some chores around the house I got out the WG motel (my tent) and set it up in the backyard. It had a lttle bottle of seam sealer to treat the stitching and today has been a beautiful day for it. Nice (my dog- mascot-walking buddy) has camped out in front of it all day. I have been reading a good book while listening to NPR. Soon I am taking my son to some friends to play some music.I am enjoying the warm weather.Even though sixty degrees may not seem that warm, the house is cool at night and has been cold all winter.
The day before yesterday we walked with our packs and the newly repaired world around the neighborhood. We did'nt carry any food or water but we had most of the things we will take with us otherwise. It was'nt bad and I can tell my back is in much better shape than the walk in '07.Nerve damage from the back injury has left me arthritic in my lower back but still it is much improved and I am confident I can carry the burden.
Tomorrow we will take another little stroll around.Time to begin the build up for Mays' Step Off!

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