Sunday, March 22, 2009

Getting ready...

This morning we left the house with full gear and walked to the Second St. Bridge then through the river front down River road and home again via Frankfort and Payne St to Bardstown Rd.. We walked and talked for five and a half hours. I am breaking in my second pair of shoes. I may have a blister or two from the way my feet feel. The back pack is filled with everything I will need (almost), save for food and water. Nice carried his food and a quart of water, and hung in there like a champ. When we went to Pitt. He was a pup and I ended up carrying his most of the way. I'm glad he has grown up.
Thanks to the folks that gave us encouragement today. It gives me hope that we can do better than the last trip. This time I will not have a P.O. Box, which bore little fruit (embarrassingly little) and will be mailing anything I take in to my local ADA directly. I'm sure we can do better this way, rather than asking people send donations in a instead of me taking it on the road. Nice is quite the protector now that he is an adult so we should have no problems.
The pain from our first practice is beginning to set in so this is all I will say today. Thanks again!
Erik Bendl 502-408-5772
You can see my pics as I walk and get ready to walk on MySpace or Facebook in my name.


Anonymous said...

I saw you on your walk today from my booth in the Karma Cafe on Bardstown Road. You put a smile on all our faces and made me curious enough to check out your website. Very Cool!

World Guy said...

Wow! Someone actually looked! Thanks for the smiles,that's good Karma!