Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gearing up for a walk

The Winter is almost gone. I have been saving and getting things for the walk all year. Working on getting bills paid so I can go with good results. I have decided to take some painting tools with me in case there may be some work along the way. Or perhaps some little old lady needs her door painted. I do so enjoy making older women smile. I intend to enjoy my spring and summer walking as far as I can accross the country without agreat emphasis on how far or when I need to arrive. I will do my best to help raise awareness for diabetes managment and prevention. To encourage people and organizations to contribute to diabetes charities however they can . And as I have said before - to get as many to commit to their families and themselves to work on being healthy through diet exersize and good sleep so they can live a long time for their relatives and friends.
I know nobody may read this and that is ok.I have repaired the earthball, and since my last walk have rebuilt myself, my life. These walks do good, make some people think, bring smiles to others and is good for me. I have worked all my adult life as a carpenter and a painter and have gotten the most joy in helping others for nothing. I don't expect anything from this but the joy in doing something that may help others. I hope it will.

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