Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Big World, little hole.

Sometime between my falling asleep in the Wally-world parking lot yesterday and my be awakened by the parking lot security the world sprung a leak. I'd like to think I ran over some glass while I slept or the valve is leaking badly again. I hope we were not subject to a bitter homeless person with a poker, one of too many to count who slipped in and out of the trees around the edge of the mall parking during the day. Whatever the source of injury to the world I will have to find an enclosed space soon to remove the core of the world and find the source. If it's the valve, I apologize to all the homeless around the Eureka area. If it is not the valve I should apologize for the temptation.


Unknown said...

I have been following your trip since I saw you near bandon, Oregon... The town in which I live. Your story & mission is inspiring! My husband & I are huge believers in the power of exercise. He is/was borderline diabetic... Not overweight, it's just in his genes. It's amazing what minimal exercise can do to get diabetes under control. We all have a choice. Thank you for your choice to raise awareness. I love your writing style. I really dig your sense of humor! It is interesting to hear of the prejudice that you have encountered along the trip because you have a globe. Very strange & It was nice that you had some good hilights in Oregon, but I was bummed that you had to encounter interesting obstacles... Not including the wind! Keep on keeping on & thank you for being the keeper of the world!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I hope the world is ok. Give Nice a kiss from us in Oregon!
And super great job out there! I found you a few weeks ago in Bandon and check your blog daily. You are an angel.