Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Friendships, moments, the Journey.

Each of our little walks have had a beginning and end. For me they blend together, each adding to the mix of friendships, days with beautiful sights, challenges from weather, many one-line-wisdoms from a short yet everlasting roadside conversation that fold the all journeys into one experience. Not only the months and miles I walk, but the periods leading up to the walks and times like these at the "journey end" combine to blur the "start" and "finish". While I have been pondering the experiences of the walk from Washington to California it feels like a continuance of the last walk and the first walk hasn't ended. If the end is blurred then when did my journey begin? Was it decades ago when I first set eyes on the World, when I borrowed it for a picnic that ended up being a memorial picnic for my mother who passed three days before the event; hundreds attended. Or was it when I inflated the World for my son's birthday and took it for a walk to the park?

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Michele from Washington said...

Each day that is given to us is a gift full of wonder and experiences just waiting to be explored. It is up to us to be open to what ever may come and bless us that day. Your journey started when the longing for something more entered your heart and soul. Each of us has a purpose in life and sometimes the unfolding of events is what makes us realize where we are supposed to be. You have chose to dedicate your life to the goodness and wellbeing of others. You sacrifice yourself so that others may prosper with good health. This is a wonderful gift and the true meaning of happiness. May you always be blest on your journey and may it continue until destiny says you are done. God speed my friend.