Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Let it Grow

This morning I awoke wanting to use the day to write a parody of the popular Disney song "Let it Go".
I listened to it for the first time from beginning to its end and was inspired.
I am lazy and should get on the road, so I will explain why this thought came to me...

Before I walked away from my home I made sure the yard was trimmed and tidy.
The hard winter had incubated a squirrel's acorn thru all my Spring mowings.
From a perfect spot in the center of the yard sprung an Oak.
I put stakes around it, I let it grow .
Since I've been gone twice I have stayed at places with yards grown high.
Not from laziness, but for the love of its beauty and the wildlife it accommodates.
The patrons of these lands both,
let it grow.

The big finish...
Wait for it!...

Weeds never bothered me anyway!


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Kalissa Y. said...

Passed you today. I was so happy to see that your mission is to spread awareness for diabetes as my brother has had juvenile diabetes for at least 10 years with lots of rough patches. Good luck on your journeys!