Thursday, October 23, 2014

Chasing Dragons

Two years ago, just before the New Year I left my home, heading South.
I awoke the second day to four inches of snow. By the end of that day the World was beginning to fall apart from the salts on the roadway and Nice ( the dog) had lost three of his four shoes.
The next morning the temperature had dropped, everything was frozen solid. Winter had set in.
My best option was to drive to better weather. We ended up in Pensacola, Florida on New Years Eve.
Amid the fireworks and celebration I sent the ashes of a friend and the last pinch of Mom to the Gulf of Mexico.
We began again with the temperature just above freezing in Florida.
I don't know how far we will travel before I get a phone call and must return home. We are beginning again where we left off that wintery day two years ago in Mount Washington, Kentucky. Time will tell.
Tennessee, take two...


Anonymous said...

They just made High Grove, KY. Praying blessings over them. Lost my father in law and brother in law to complications associated with diabetes.

Unknown said...

I saw you today in Mt Washington! Great job on raising awareness