Friday, October 31, 2014

I take the Cake

While i was walking along the highway a woman stopped her car on the roadway to ask what my purpose was. I told her I was walking for diabetes, hoping to get everyone walking to prevent or help control it.
Thanking me, she said she was diabetic and "If only she could walk more..."
I said I was her reminder for the day.
She asked if I had eaten breakfast.
I had.
She offered "some cake". Since cake is a "no-no" for diabetics I said yes, if only to get it out of her hands.
She got out and went to the rear door (while still in the roadway) , and brought me a whole carmel frosted pumpkin walnut loaf-cake.
I told her I would take it so she wouldn't eat it.
I later passed the place where she had bought the delicious dessert. In contrast, the women there brought me apples and water.
A diabetic man, a Diabetes organizer once told me he works all week keeping his diet well and exercising for a piece of cake.
"A piece."
To save her from herself...
I took the cake.

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