Sunday, October 26, 2014


I meet a variety of 'folks out on the road. EMTs, police, diabetics, zombies and celebrities.
One who should not have been behind the wheel of a car, smelling of alcohol, pulled of into a field to talk. After he was back on the roadway he stopped to ask my name and how to spell it, as traffic came to a halt...shouldn't drink and drive.
Another stopped his car, left the motor running and the door open encroaching the opposite lane while he walked across the road with traffic bearing down on him...shouldn't ...
I have met two mayors and a few political hopefuls. All women. I am glad to see that. My mother was a public servant in a day where there where few in office... should vote.
I have met people's from around the World visiting Kentucky ...our old Kentucky culture.
I have been invited in for meals, a wake, a haunted building, a Halloween celebration at a Biker bar...couldn't accept all.
I met Arlo relation.
I wonder what today will bring...

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