Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Blue moons and Snow hill

On Mothers Day we walked through Lebanon to the Blue Moon Bar-b-que. stayed the day while I touched up the paint on the worn world. Because of the heat I have been leaving early, before light.
We walked to Watertown and stayed at a farm on the East side of town the next day. Everyone was nice and helpful.
From Watertown the road narrowed for some mile so I took the scenic route , went thru Alexandria, " the nicest folks on earth" was what the sign said. The old sections of highway, before the newer main road was cut was nostalgic and quiet. When the road opened wide again Nice got a break from the heat with an afternoon from one of my new Facebook friends. She took him all day. They lay under a tree on a blanket in the yard while I walked up Snow Hill into Smithville. At the bottom of the one mile stretch up the hillside I had one bottle of water and thought I had just enough to get the top,with all the good folks stopping,some bringing water I drank a half gallon on the way up and had a gallon when I got to the top.
In Smithville we stayed the night outside the Walmart after reuniting with Nice,who did not want to leave his new girlfriend I slept until daylight.
i was able to "hump" twice what I would have with Nice in the heat.
More later...

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Unknown said...

Hi world guy, this is Keisha. ☺️ thanks for answering my million questions I had for you!!! Don't forget the Montana pictures for my brother!!! Hope you and Nice have a great day!