Friday, May 22, 2015

Time and a Bottle

At a momentary pause from the traffic, I glanced at my feet and saw a bottle buried in the gravel. The grass plow tracks impressed across a swath where the cutting blade had exposed the road base, and the bottle. I pulled it up, unbroken, filled with rock and dirt. I took a few moments to work the tightly packed contents. The bottle looked to have been tossed there at the time the road was laid, 1970's.
I put it in my pocket and walked on, wondering to myself what in the world I needed with a Pepsi bottle from my teenage years. What would I do with it?
A few miles, hills and curves later I came upon an unique roadside store. Inside I found a woman sitting at a kitchen table off to one side of the sparsely stocked shelves.
Against the far wall was the coffee pot, little antique sugar jar with matching creamer .
Looking to the side I saw a wall of collectible bottles.
I believe this was a sign...