Monday, May 25, 2015

Rested and Ready

It has taken two days to roll the world from the West side of Knoxville to the East during this holiday weekend.
Nice (the dog) rested all day Saturday, while I covered the world with a heavy protective coat...of paint. He walked only from shade to sun all thru the day from a long leash tied to the van. He was ready to go at the end of the day, wagging his tail when I would move the world around, finding parts to paint, with no signs of the limp from the previous day.
When we started walking at 4:30 Sunday morning he pranced and bounced beside the freshly painted world as we lumbered out on the empty highway. Four lanes, with a center turning lane all to ourselves makes the world able to roll unencumbered. Cars can be seen thirty seconds before any need to weave to another angle or go to the grass. A one mile per hour raceway. Wind, gravity, temperature, moisture, maintaining motion with the least amount of friction all go into play for me.
I think the day of rest was just what he needed.

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