Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sulpher to Vinton

The rains that soaked the World while I stayed for a day at Wallyworld loosened the house paint tread and softened the patchwork but to stay was out of the question. On the asphalt by the ball were tiny flakes that had rinsed from it. I have to keep moving until the real world dries the tiny canvas planet. In the morning the wet roads and grass kept a coat of mud clods building on it. Occasionally I would roll through a long clean puddle to wash the mud a sand away. By the end of the day the house paint was all flaking making the world look fuzzy from the hanging "chads" all over. The base coat I have used over the years has kept the fabric very sound in raining and wet conditions but it takes so long to dry and I often loose it the next morning in damp morning grasses. When I get to the Texas border today I will probably need to let the air out of the world and stuff it in the van to get it over the expressway bridge to Orange Texas. I hope a nice person with a pickup truck will be there at the visitors center where 90 turns onto the I-10, the only way over. I can't know till I get there.
Have a wonderful day...

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