Saturday, February 25, 2012

the Wind into Welsh

Although it was only three miles to Welch the blustering wind gave me all it's tricks. At the right angle with the wind when big trucks go by the World is tossed aside with great force. Usually they fly by causing a slight ripple to the rotation without making the planet spiral off coarse, not so while I held the World along the edge of the steep drainage ditches. Four hours after I began I had progressed to the edge of Welch. I still had time enough to make it to the naxt tiny town before dark but I felt like I had been running a whole day. The force of the wind and the effort it took to keep the World steady, keeping it past the White Line and out of the waters in the ditch, when cars passed had drained my muscles. If I went on I might strain something, I had to "tap out" and ended the day uninjured. The folks of Welch are more than nice. I slept the night between the conoco and the lumber store across from Bubba's Bayou Bulk at the "blinking light" in Welch. I had lunch, and dinner last night with them and some of their close friends. Gumbo, Boudin, grilled "Cajun style" steaks, hot sausage, beans and rice filled me like a tick about to jump of a deer. I'm gonna' have to exercise with some "push aways" today. Push away from the breakfast table, push away from those tasty cookies, push away from the crawfish steaming...

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Michael Prudhomme said...

It's spelt Welsh, by the way.
Anyway, keep up the good work!