Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let the Parades begin!

We had a quick walk today so we could get off the roads before the revelers returned from the Mardi Gras. Now I'm taking some time to do a little World-maintenance. During our walk many parade floats drove by and threw beads. My neck was full by the time we stopped in Mermentau at C'est Bon where they let me park for the night. Happy Mardi Gras!


Anonymous said...

Hope your Mardi Gras over here in Louisiana is a great one, I'm Trey the guy that brought you back to esterwood today. It was really nice meeting you and what your doing is really special in a lot of people's heart. My gf loves what your doing, and one day she wants to give back to the homeless just Like what your doing for diabetes. I have to say you got yourself a beautiful dog. One more thing I forgot to ask you where did you get your dogs name from? Nice, it's such a unique name for a dog lol. Well anyway once again I hope your trip to where ever you may get to is a safe one.

Chris and Angel said...

Cest Bon is a great little place!! We eat there a lot! Happy Mardi Gras!!

Emily Mae said...

Cest Bon is not even two houses down from my house. I wanted to meet you but unfortunately you were in the van and I didn't want to wake you if your were napping!